First post part 2!

Right everyone! One of the ‘features’ that I really want to try and stick to on this Blog is keeping track of what I eat on a daily basis and any exercise I do. I would love to hear your records too so comment below if you wish to share!

I started following the Raw till 4 lifestyle around September last year (If you are not sure what this is, check out Freelee the Banana girl on Youtube) for around a month and a half. I have started to get back on track with it, and have lost 3.5 pounds in 7 days so far! 🙂
I will try and be accurate in future posts as I invest in some scales and use Chronometer for nutritional analysis….so for tonight it is just a rough guide 😛

*Sleep* 10.5 hours *Weight 9lbs*

Breakfast: fruit tea, approx 40 dates blended with 1.5 litres of water and carob powder.

Lunch: 2 x 750ml of innocent super smoothies and 1 litres of water.

Dinner: Approx 4 large baked marris piper potatoes with 1.5 cups of home made tomato and bean pasta sauce (will write recipe up soon)

*Feelings* Fairly energetic throughout the day, good mood over all, excitement due to the snow!

*Exercise* Approx 45 mins of weighted Hula Hooping to music (

Right folks, thats all for the first diary entry! Going to hit the hay now as I have an interview tomorrow morning – wish me luck!

Love A(himsa) ❤

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First post (a day late) part 1

Hello fellow earthlings! Welcome to my Blog page! I have created this as I want to track and look back on my ongoing journey into Veganism, healthier lifestyle choices and the impacts it has on my health and happiness.

I have been Vegan since new years day in 2014, after being vegetarian for a year, and have loved every minute of it. Like many vegans, I wish I had ‘seen the light’ many, many years ago! It has transformed the way I see the world and has inspired me and changed the way I want to live my life.

When I first became vegan I went to town on the vegan ‘junk’ food that’s around – I was so pleased that I could find alternatives to the burgers, cheese and milk products that I used to love. That is all well and good, and I still enjoy the odd junk meal – but as I approach the age of 25 I feel that now is the time to put the time and effort that’s needed into insuring my health for the long term.

This Blog will follow the learning curve that I will undoubtedly have while on this journey. I hope you will find my input interesting and perhaps hopefully help some people become vegan themselves! Quick shout out to those Youtubers/bloggers who have inspired me so far #freeleethebananagirl#durianrider #rawtill4 #hoopsmiles #soulfoodpassionfruit #jasonwrobel#estherthewonderpig #earthlings #garyyourofsky

Feel free to interact though posting/messaging the page and lets share our experiences with each other 🙂

Love, A(himsa) ❤